Photo Tour

  • Studio Tour Center

    Studio Tour Center

    We start the tour at the exciting VIP Tour Center & Store. After purchasing your tickets you will see a short movie and the adventure begins...

  • Let the Ride Begin!

    Let the Ride Begin!

    Your knowledgable tour guide will then drive you through the Warner Bros. gates and onto the lot.

  • The Jungle

    The Jungle

    Visit the studio Jungle where scenes for The Last Samurai, Million Dollar Baby & countless other films have been shot. The Jungle is also home to True Blood's Merlotte's Bar & Grill!

  • Building 150 Dubbing Stage

    Building 150 Dubbing Stage

  • Brownstone Street

    Brownstone Street

    Wait Until Dark, ER, The West Wing and more have filmed on this street.

  • Hennesy Street

    Hennesy Street

    Guests may recognize Hennesy Street as Gotham City from Tim Burton's Batman films or as 1920's Los Angeles in Clint Eastwood's The Changling!

  • NY Street (Courthouse)

    NY Street (Courthouse)

    The Courthouse can be seen in Robin & the Seven Hoods- Frank Sinatra sings "My Kind of Town" on the steps!

  • Midwest Street

    Midwest Street

    Gilmore Girls fans will recognize Midwest Street as Stars Hollow! East of Eden, Rebel Without A Cause and more classics have also filmed scenes on this street!

  • Midwest Church

    Midwest Church

  • New York Street

    New York Street

    Home to some of the original WB classic Gangster films!

  • Property Department

    Property Department

    More than 10 million props are housed in this building. From furniture to chandeliers to antiques.

  • Shop Interior

    Shop Interior

  • Warner Village

    Warner Village

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