Meet Your Guide: Thom


Thom6--outside plaza

Q: A Deluxe Tour is a 5 hour experience, and before we get into the details of this amazing opportunity for guests–where are you originally from, Thom?

I am originally from Victoria, Texas and started here as a tour guide in 2006.  I have been a Tour Guide for 7 years.

Q. Since you’ve been with the company for some time now–how have your tours evolved over the years?

I’m a visual person–so the longer I’ve been here the more I’ve seen happen with productions on the lot.  It allows me to better explain to guests from a firsthand account.

Thom1--MidwestQ.  What is your favorite place to show to Deluxe Tour guests?

To me Midwest Street can be the most unique because it can be changed, and there’s so many different facets of the area.  Other backlots look like major cities, but they can really only be that city.  For example–I was watching a Doris Day film called “Lucky Me” and it takes place in Miami, but instead of going to Miami–they transformed Midwest Street into Miami!

Thom3--MidwestThat’s not the only transformation–it’s been turned into so many places!  River City, Iowa for “The Music Man,” Stars Hollow for “Gilmore Girls,” Rosewood, Pennsylvania for “Pretty Little Liars” are just naming a few.  It’s so cool to see  people come together and create such wondrous places!

Q. Guests ask why should they look into a Deluxe Tour–as one of our amazing Deluxe Tour Guides what would you say to them?

The Deluxe Tour is more comprehensive, and you really get to spend time in each area.  This allows you to get to know each area better.  The two hour tour is wonderful, but you really get to take your time visiting the many places on the WB lot during the Deluxe Tour.  We also go to areas like Post Production & Scoring Stages.  Then there’s Fine Dining, which is a five star meal for our guests to enjoy.

Thom4--JungleQ. I’m sure you have many fun tour moments & stories, but do you have any favorites?

I have been blessed because I’ve met so many people from many different walks of life.  One day I had a guest who was trying to take a picture of Jeremy Sisto.  She had her camera out and was pointing to get the shot–Jeremy tells her it would probably be better shot if she took her lens cap off!  It was a pretty comical moment.  Zac Levi from the show “Chuck” was always willing to talk and take pictures with everyone, which is always very memorable for guests!

When I first started Deluxe Tour, we’re  in Fine Dining having lunch and George Clooney walked in to have lunch too.  I had a family of four– the lady got so excited she squeezed her daughter’s leg so hard it made her scream!  Everyone laughed and because she was so in awe of seeing Mr. Clooney–she couldn’t quite finish her meal.

Q. What is it like to wake up everyday and get ready to give a Deluxe Tour?

When I come to work–I just never know what I get to show off to our VIP Tour guests, which makes it so exciting!  I just love to go on the lot & showcase the lot itself because you never know what’s going to happen.

Thom5--thumbs upQ. Some of guides come from various walks of life & passions–what is your passion that you would like to pursue?

Easy–If I were given a golden pass I would be a tour guide here at Warner Bros.  I love being a tour guide I tell my guests if they came back in ten years I still want to be here talking about this lot.  I feel very blessed to get to see and enjoy all the activity on this lot.

Q. Amazing!  Thom we absolutely love hearing your stories & thank you for sharing–one more question–overall why should people come visit us for their VIP Tour experience?

I think this tour is a must see because every tour is unique.   It’s always changing–I’ve had guests who’ve taken this tour year-after-year, and they’ve told me that they always see something different every time!  As Tour Guides, we really care about our guests, and will go the extra mile to make sure everyone has a great visit here at Warner Bros.

Thom6--outside plazaQ: Thanks, Thom, for sharing us inside information about the Deluxe Tours!  To our audience—thank you for reading, and click “Buy Tickets Now” and make sure to check out and see if a Deluxe Tour is available for you to join!  We look forward to sharing our exclusive VIP tour with you soon!  Let the stories continue!