Meet Your Guide: Parker

miranda tree houseQ: Before VIP Tours, where was your hometown?

A: I’m originally from Cincinnati, OH and have been a tour guide here at Warner Bros. since February 2013.

Q: Working on a busy movie studio lot I’m sure you find inspiration daily, what would you love to do in this industry?

A: My greatest interest is acting, but I also enjoy costumes!  If I could do anything–I would be a lead on a sitcom.

Q: Have you always wanted to be an actress?

A: Since I was three, whenever I was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”–I would throw my hand in the air, strike a pose and say, “An actress!”–Obviously in the most dramatic way I could!  I went to school for acting and musical theatre because I am also a singer.  Aside from acting, I think the costumes would have to be something that interest me.  Personally, when I am on prod there is only so much you can do with the words on the page to become the character.  When you put on that costume for the first time–that’s when you’re suddenly transformed in that world you were trying to create.  I would help my mom with all the costumes in my high school theatre plays, and it was so fun when we got to try things on, and of course go shopping!  We would look for specific pieces from different decades–I mean it’s everyone’s dream (whether they admit it or not) to be able to play dress up for a living!

miranda tree bushQ: Absolutely!  It’s like Halloween all-year-round!  Wanting to act in sitcoms is very specific–what is it about sitcoms for you?

A: Well, I always tell my guests being a lead on a sitcom is the greatest because it’s closest to being on a prod production, but that’s just my opinion.  I grew up with the great comedians on “SNL,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” and of course “I Love Lucy.”  They all had brilliant comedic timing–I mean they would throw themselves into a pile of chairs if it meant getting an uproar of laughter from the audience!  With sitcoms, I think it’s easier to make people laugh rather than dramas where you try to make people cry. Personally, the trick is you can’t try to be funny–you have to let it come naturally.  I would love that challenge!

Q: Speaking of challenge–you took on a special task here at VIP Tours & actually work with the “Conan O’Brien” show!  You and comedy makes complete sense, but tell us a little about your Conan experience!

M Connan guestsA: Yes, I’m one of the show leads for Conan, and I love to lead so it was a perfect fit!  I like being able to teach people new things, I enjoy organizing, and of course being part of production is always exciting.  I remember when Deon Cole came up to me before he even knew my name, and gave me a big hug and then just hung out and talked to everyone as if we were all old friends.  I love coming to work everyday because I get to see Conan, and be with my fantastic staff everyday!

Q:  Speaking of celebrities–any special star sightings that come to memory?

A: I was working Conan and Ben Stiller was the guest.  After the show I walked out of prod 15, and I saw Ben walking around all by himself.  So, I walked up to him and asked, “Do you need help finding anything?”  And he said, “No, I’m just walking around.”  I told him that I was a huge fan, and we chatted for awhile!  Later that day he saw me and waved, which totally made my day!

Q: How fun!  He might be one of your favorite stars, but do you have a favorite tour stop?

Miranda friends2

A: My favorite place on the lot is the “Friends” set!  I’m definitely one of the biggest fans!  In college my roommates and I would have “Friends” on 24/7 and even if we left the house–it would be playing!  I know every line to all ten seasons, which is amazing or crazy.  If you would’ve told me that someday I’d be working on the “Friends” set–I would’ve fainted!

Q: We’re so glad that you’re still on your feet!  Thank you so much Parker for sharing your story with us, and we have one last question–from someone who loves acting & comedy–why should guests take the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour?

A: It’s where history meets the present day entertainment!  We take you behind-the-scenes to look at how things really work in this business.  It’s not your average “look to your left, look to your right” kind of tour because it’s full of stories, new experiences, and has the excitement of stepping into the world of imagination!

Q: Thanks, Parker for sharing your stories with us!  To our audience—thank you for reading, and click “Buy Tickets Now!”  To book Conan tickets visit  We look forward to sharing our exclusive VIP Tour with you soon!  Let the stories continue!