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  • May 20, 2013

    We recently attended a tour given by Philip - and didn't get the chance on the day to thank him properly. We very much enjoyed our tour - he tried making it as interactive as possible - even with what we thought were some "difficult" guests also on the tour. We particularly enjoyed the Friends and soundstage elements of the tour - so as you're developing the tour for future guests - this may be something you want to consider. It would also be good to have the capability to show clips of films and shows people may not know as you go around the sets - as this would bring to life a lot more waht you are seeing. Anyway - please pass on our thanks to Philip for putting his energy into an entertaining and interesting tour for us

    Graham - Leeds, UK
  • May 17, 2013

    Miranda was terrific! Full of information, fun facts and enthusiasm! Even when our cart broke down, she had us giggling :-) Very sweet and I'd highly recommend her for a tour!

    Gina - Homer Glen, IL
  • May 15, 2013

    BEST TOUR EVER! I have been meaning to take a tour of the Studios for many years now and today I finally got around to it. It was amazing. WB is the home of most of my favourite TV shows, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars and so many more. So for me this was the ultimate Hollywood Studio to go and see. Even if you don't love too many of the WB TV shows and movies, it is still an excellent way to spend the day! John, our guide was far beyond amazing. I took the tour alone and he was wonderful at making me feel welcome. He made sure he found out what everyone wanted to see and went above and beyond to make sure he showed us everything related to those shows. Thanks John!! Plus his knowledge of the TV shows, movies and industry is fantastic. His enthusiasm for entertainment was contagious.
    Well worth a visit. I'll be sure to do another one when I'm next in LA. A most memorable day. Thank you guys!!

    Lauren - Melbourne, Victoria
  • May 7, 2013

    Our Tour Guide was outstanding. We are seniors, and he treated us with such patience and dignity. We felt we were with his most important tour group. He told us many interesting stories and showed us things we never knew WB does. How impressive to see how large your lot is. Appreciated EJ’s expertise so much! Afterwards, we couldn’t wait to purchase he book, “Early Warner Bros. Studios.” Found him, and he even signed one for me and one for our granddaughter. We will cherish it forever and always remember him and WB. Thank you.

  • May 7, 2013

    I toured the set with Fidelity Investments. We broke up into five groups, and I was lucky enough to get Bob. He started by asking us all what we were most interested in. Over the next two hours, he took note of this and pointed out specific things that we would each be interested in. He was extremely energetic and acted out scenes to movies, tv shows, and songs. He made the tour incredible and even got the other trams to stop and take notice. All of the other groups on site took notice and were impressed as well. He made a great day incredibly memorable. Bob went above and beyond what is expected. He is a great employee and a huge asset. Please Pass this not along.

    Paul Burris - Roanoke, TX
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