Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  How can I purchase tickets to visit Warner Bros. Studios?

A.  On-line. The most convenient way to purchase tickets and secure your desired tour time is to visit our online ticketing service by clicking on the “Buy Tickets Now” bar located within the “Tickets” menu.

In-Person. You can purchase tickets on a “First Come, First Serve” basis in person by visiting the Tour Center, located at 3400 Riverside Drive in the city of Burbank.


Q.  How far in advance should I purchase my tickets?

A.  The Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour is a popular attraction and availability is limited so we recommend buying your tickets as early as possible.


Q.  How can I purchase tickets for others?

A.  Gift certificates and/or paid reservations can be purchased in person by visiting the Tour Center, located at 3400 W. Riverside Drive in the city of Burbank.


Q.  I want to book dates that are not available. What do I do?

A.  The desired tour time may be booked or we do not offer tour on the day and time selected.  Tours are offered seven days a week departing every twenty minutes from 8:15am to 4:00pm.  We are only closed on Christmas Day.  If you are still having trouble booking your tour, please contact the Tour Center at 818-977-TOUR (818-977-8687).


Q.  What constitutes a group?

A.  Parties of 24 or more people are considered to be groups.  If you would like to arrange for a group tour, or if you are a destination management company or school, please contact a coordinator in our Group Sales center at 818-977-1943.


Q.  Is photography allowed at the studio?

A.  While on tour, still photography is allowed in some areas of the lot for personal use only and your tour guide will let you know where you can take pictures.  However, photographs taken on-site may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may they be published in any medium or format without prior written permission from Warner Bros. Studios.


Q.  What areas of the studio does the tour visit?

A.  The tour explores in-depth the craft of movie-making and television production.  On a typical day, the tour will visit several of our backlot exterior sets, sound prods and our some of our extensive production support departments (i.e. Prop, Construction, Post Production Departments, etc).   Due to the unpredictable nature of production, we will not know exactly which sets or sound prods will be available for visitation until the tour is in progress.


Q.  Will I see celebrities?

A.  Warner Bros. Studios is one of the busiest major motion picture and television studios in the world.  Our tour is a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse of everyday working life here at the studio so there are always possibilities of seeing key studio personnel, including members of our talent.  However, we do not know if you will see celebrities during your tour.


Q.  Are tours offered when it is raining?

A.  Yes, the studio tour is open seven days a week except for Christmas Day.  During inclement weather, your tour guide will try to limit the time spent outside and focus more of the visits to indoor or covered areas.


Q.  How should I dress when visiting the Warner Bros. Studios?

A.  Comfortable attire is suggested and we recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes with grip-type soles.  Many of the areas that we visit are similar to that of a working construction site so avoid wearing sandals, leather-soled shoes, high heels and open-toe shoes.


Q.  How early should I arrive to the studio for my scheduled tour and what do I need bring to check-in?

A.  Plan on arriving 30 minutes prior to your designated tour time to give yourself enough time to park and check-in.  Parking is available at the Tour Center for $7.  Note that each guest is required to pass through a metal detector and produce a form of legal photo identification prior to entering the premises.  Please do not bring large bags.


Q.  Are there any restrictions?

A.  Video photography and large bags are not allowed.  Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and children under 8 are not permitted.  A form of legal photo identification is required to be shown during check-in.


Q.  Are guide dogs allowed on tour?
A.  Yes, service dogs are allowed on the tour.  Please contact us in advance by telephone so we can be prepared.  If a visitor is visually impaired, we can offer a touching experience during the tour.  If you need the assistance of an ASL interpreter, please contact us immediately and at 818-977-8687.  All of these need to be arranged ahead of time by calling the Tour Center at 818-977-TOUR (818-977-8687).


Q.  I require the use of a wheelchair.  Can the tour tram accommodate my wheelchair?

A.  In most cases, the answer is yes.  We have trams designed to accommodate most wheelchairs.  Please contact the Tour Center at 818-977-TOUR (818-977-8687) ahead of time and we will have one of these trams ready for you.  Some larger, electric wheelchair models are not safe to put on these vehicles and in such instances, we will conduct the tour without the use of the trams.  We also have wheelchairs available for loan at the Tour Center.


Q.  What is your cancellation policy?

A.  Your payment will be refunded in full if the cancellation is made with twenty-four (24) or more hours in advance of your reservation.  If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance, you will not receive a refund.  We will also provide a refund in the event of security, safety or similar closures.  In the event we are unable to provide the tour for any reason, our only obligation is a complete refund.

Group Tickets.  A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost is required five (5) business days in advance of your reservation.  At this point, we are not able to alter the commitment of the tour and refunds are not issued.


Q.  I need to reschedule my tour.  Is this possible?

A.  Please contact the Tour Center at 818-977-TOUR (818-977-8687) to reschedule a tour.